FG Camera Library
Library functions and callability

Library functions grouped by functionality and their dependencies

Every library function returns a value of eFG_ERROR_CODE to indicate success or failure. FG_get_last_error() can be used to obtain additional information.

The following table shows the callability of functions depending on the camera state:

Camera state vs. function availability
Module Function Camera State New state
closed opened buffer allocated stop called
Handle camera and library FG_install_camera() yes no no no opened
FG_uninstall_camera() no yes yes yes closed
FG_get_camera_type() no yes yes yes -
FG_get_version() yes yes yes yes -
FG_get_last_error() yes yes yes yes -
Capture and buffer control FG_alloc_image() no yes yes not useful buffer allocated
FG_append_image() no no yes not useful -
FG_free_image() no no yes yes -
FG_get_image() no no yes not useful -
FG_stop_image() no not useful yes not useful stop called
FG_trigger_image() no not useful yes not useful -
Configure parameters FG_set_aoi() no yes no no -
FG_set_black() no yes yes not useful -
FG_set_gain() no yes yes not useful -
FG_set_gain_rgb() no yes yes not useful -
FG_set_shutter_time() no yes yes not useful -
FG_set_trigger_mode() no yes yes not useful -
FG_get_aoi() no yes yes yes -
FG_get_pixel_order() no yes yes yes -
FG_get_black() no yes yes yes -
FG_get_gain() no yes yes yes -
FG_get_gain_rgb() no yes yes yes -
FG_get_shutter_time() no yes yes yes -
FG_get_trigger_mode() no yes yes yes -
Configure special features FG_set_special_option() no yes yes not useful -
FG_get_special_option()no yes yes not useful -