IMAGO Windows SDK (2021-12-10)
IMAGO Windows SDK Documentation


The following hardware is supported by the Windows SDK:

  • VisionBox AGE-X, all generations
  • PCIe cards known as VisionBoards
  • USB device Machine Vision Manager

The following components are included in the SDK:

  • Software libraries (32 and 64 bit)
  • Windows device drivers (64 bit only)
    • PCI driver for FPGA communication
    • USB driver for FPGA communication
    • UART driver for the COM port of the VisionBox AGE-X1
  • Documentation
    • This document
    • Library API documentation including First Steps
    • Examples for C++, C# and Visual Basic

The most recent SDK documentation is also available online at

The following components can be downloaded separately at the IMAGO Download Portal (register here):

  • Getting Started Guides
  • New SDK releases
  • OS Images
  • Application notes
  • Firmware update packages
  • Hardware Manuals