IMAGO Windows SDK (2021-12-10)
Using the SDK

SDK directory structure

The SDK files are installed into the following directory by default:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Imago Technologies\AGE-X SDK

The environment variable IMAGO_AGEX_BASEPATH will be created and point to this location.

SDK directory contents
SDK Subdirectory Contents
  • clserima: Serial communication library for Camera Link
  • *.lnk: Shortcuts to DLLs
doc This document and library documentation in HTML format
driver Windows drivers
examples Example source code
include C/C++ header files
lib *.lib: DLL import libraries
propertyfiles *.props: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Project Property Sheets
python Python bindings

Code examples

Please refer to the following library documentation pages for building and running the first example programs:

Python bindings

Python examples are installed in the SDK subdirectory python\examples

Also take a look at the following documentation pages: