IMAGO Linux SDK (2020-06-12)
IMAGO Linux SDK Documentation


The Linux SDK is provided as Debian package for different architectures. The following architectures and products are supported:

  • amd64
    • VisionBox AGE-X, all generations except AGE-X3
    • PCIe cards known as VisionBoards
  • arm64
    • VisionBox LE MANS
    • VisionBox DAYTONA
    • VisionSensor PV3
  • armhf
    • VisionCam XM
    • VisionSensor PV / PV2

The following components are included in the SDK:

  • Software libraries
    • VisionBox Interface Library (C++ API)
    • FG Camera Library for VisionCam and VisionSensor (armhf and arm64 only)
    • Hardware Abstraction Layer for VisionBox, VisionCam and VisionSensor PV3
    • Hardware Abstraction Layer for VisionSensor PV / PV2 (armhf only)
  • Linux device drivers
    • agexpcidrv: FPGA / RTCC communication (PCI / PCIe / SPI)
    • vsvpfedrv: VisionSensor PV / PV2 Video Processing Frontend
    • vsmipi: VisionSensor PV3 MIPI CSI driver
  • Documentation
    • This document
    • Library API documentation, also available online at
    • Examples for C++

Please refer to the VIB Interface library First Steps and FG Camera library First Steps on how to use the SDK.

The following components can be downloaded separately at the IMAGO Download Portal (register here):

  • Getting Started Guides
  • New SDK releases
  • OS Images
  • Application notes
  • Firmware update packages
  • Hardware Manuals