IMAGO Linux SDK (2022-02-07)
IMAGO Linux SDK Documentation


The Linux SDK is provided as Debian package for different architectures. The following architectures and products are supported:

  • amd64
    • VisionBox AGE-X, all generations except AGE-X3
    • PCIe cards known as VisionBoards
  • arm64
    • VisionBox LE MANS
    • VisionBox DAYTONA
    • VisionSensor PV3
  • armhf
    • VisionCam XM
    • VisionSensor PV / PV2

The following components are included in the SDK:

  • Software libraries
    • VisionBox Interface Library ( C++ API for IMAGO devices
    • FG Camera Library ( Image acquisition API for VisionCam and VisionSensor (armhf and arm64 only)
    • Python bindings for the VisionBox Interface Library and FG Camera Library
    • Additional low level libraries not directly exposed to the user (,
  • Linux device drivers
    • agexpcidrv: FPGA / RTCC communication (supports PCI, PCIe and SPI interface)
    • vsvpfedrv: VisionSensor PV / PV2 Video Processing Frontend
    • vsmipi: VisionSensor PV3 MIPI CSI driver
  • Documentation
    • This document
    • Library API documentation, also available online at
    • Examples for C++

The following components can be downloaded separately at the IMAGO Download Portal (register here):

  • Getting Started Guides
  • New SDK releases
  • OS Images
  • Application notes
  • Firmware update packages
  • Hardware Manuals